Thursday, January 15, 2009

~Bakerella's Brownies~

I was reading a blog this a.m. and ran across a link to this site that had the most delicious looking brownies. I decided to try my hand at them. Don't they look DELICIOUS??

The blog is Bakerella and the recipe is there.

~Before Baking~

I didn't have boxed brownie mix or choc chip cookie mix so I found a brownie recipe online at All Recipes and used that to make the brownie portion and then used my dh Mom's Choc Chip cookie recipe for the cookie portion, a completely homemade version of this recipe.

~After Baking~

The one thing I didn't do this time around was make the ganache. I was too tired... lol My dh had one with French vanilla ice cream and choc sauce on top and said something about going into a chocolate coma. I was thinking that maybe they would be tooo rich for us with the ganache on top. We won't know for sure until we try it, though. :)

I LOVE that you can make things without a box!! A little secret about me, I don't bake so baking from scratch is actually been a really fun learning experience for me and my family isn't minding either. :)

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June F. said...

OMGosh those look amazing!! I might have to try those at our place. :)