Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still awake here, this is the first time I've not worked in almost 4 years; it's been 2 days now. I am happy with the decision that my dh and I made to have me stay home and Home School our daughter Meghi, it's really the best one. Meghi is Autistic and when transitioning from Middle School to High School this year she regressed severely. Her age right now, mentally, is that of a 4 year old and she's 16. I miss work, though. Ok maybe not work but I do miss my co-workers. You spend 40+ hours a week with people they tend to grow on you and it makes me sad that I don't get to go to work everyday and see them. I guess I need to process this, it's almost like a break-up. Not that we won't see each other in social settings and such but it's not the same as seeing them everyday.

I have enough to keep me busy here during the day that I really haven't had to much time to process all of this yet but will as the days go on I'm sure. My days are filled now with helping Meghi regain some of what she's lost. We're working on simple basics such as manners, using nice language, hygiene and making her bed. Super simply but at the same time hard. One of Meghi's things is she loves attention and it doesn't matter how she gets it, usually the 'naughty' things are going to get her a more rapid response then the not so naughty things. My dh and I are working to go over the top with the positive attention to help divert her away from going over the top with the 'naughty' things. I pray this works it's one of those skills that is really going to make her adult life manageable. I will admit that I am scared to death, I've never Home Schooled and I've never met anyone that has. Thank God for the internet, so many resources out there, I'm able to find a huge amount of info, especially where to start with the public school system.

Gah! I just checked the time and I really need to get to bed.


*above is a layout I did recently of Meghi using the Cosy Cottage collab from cre-@-bisontine and Cinnamon Designs

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