Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The above lo was done using a RAK I received from one of the designers of this AWESOME kit that's debuting tomorrow over @ After Five Designs. I LOVE when I get a RAK from a designer I LOVE that I don't CT for!

Today was busy, busy, busy. We had to run to several different stores in town for necessities and Meghi has a hard time with change, so she's watching the clock and seeing that lunch time is here and we are still in the car driving and this didn't go over well at all. Screeching I hungry, it 12, I hungry for the five minutes it took for us to stop at a local eatery seemed like an eternity. I'm learning, though, plan outings either after breakfast and before lunch or after lunch and before snack... lol I hope in time she can be a little more flexible with her sense of schedule like she was before this regression but until then we'll just have to be patient and keep working with her.

Tomorrow her and I are going to start making sugar cookies. It's time to get those underway and after my dh wakes up, he works nights, I'll have him run to the store for the sprinkles I forgot today... oops! Meghi really enjoys helping us cook and that makes it all the more fun. Her attention span on the other hand doesn't last that long so she flits back and forth between this and that and then checks in to see what else she can help with.

On that note I'm off to bed...


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