Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Great Cookie Experiment

Well Meghi and I did it, we baked cookies today! I haven't baked cookies in years and it was fun! We spent the first half of the morning making the sugar cookie dough, I found the recipe on Food Network and it turned out delicious. Next we made oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips, Meghi really enjoyed the process of measuring and sifting and adding the ingredients to the stand mixer. I was a little worried that the noise from the kitchen aide would send her over the edge with her sensitivity to electrical/appliance noises, she had her earphones on and she was so enthralled with adding the ingredients she did wonderfully! Yay Us!!

Once the oatmeal/butterscotch cookies were all blended/mixed/stirred/etc we were getting ready to put the cookies onto the prepped cookie sheets and I had just gotten 2 spoons for her when she had a little bit of a meltdown. See she really wanted to use the Holiday cookie cutters we bought at Michaels yesterday and didn't want to use a spoon and make balls. She wasn't happy about having to wait for 2 hours to let the sugar cookie dough set up. So I told her we could try.

Above are the pictures of our trial run. We stuffed each cookie cutter with a the cookie mixture and then lifted the cutters and the shapes were pretty neat looking. I wasn't at all sure how they'd bake up, though. Meghi and I then made a couple regular cookies (balls) and then we took them over to the oven to bake.

As soon as the cookies were in the oven Meghi wandered off but was back as soon as that buzzer went off. We took the cookies out of the oven and well...

...they didn't keep their shape at all! LOL Meghi was kind of sad that the experiment failed but she wasn't all that sad once she bit into one and found out just how yummy they were!

We did get the sugar cookies chilled, rolled out, cut out and baked. We haven't decorated them yet, Meghi was so tired she took a nap. Tomorrow is definitely cookie decorating day! Fun!

On that note I'm out...


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