Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sugar Cookies, Jammies and Memories

Friday was one of those laze around the house days, we didn't even get dressed! I love days like those where you just hang out in your jammies or sweats. Comfort clothes. I did make a few more cookie recipes and have them in the fridge waiting to bake a little later today. The Cranberry Noels are rolled into logs in the fridge and since the recipe didn't call for eggs I tasted it and talk about YUMMY!

The girls and I frosted the sugar cookies Meghi and I made yesterday. We used royal icing, this is going to sound weird I'm sure, I've never made it before. It turned out well and was super simple-my kind of recipe... lol

Meghi wasn't to interested in the decorating process. She frosted half a cookie, put sprinkles on and then wandered off. She was interested in eating them, though. LOL We all decided we love them and that Meghi and I, baking our first ever batch of sugar cookies, did an awesome job!

The one thing that happened when I took my first bite is the taste took me back to being a kid when my Mom would make them. I hadn't tasted that taste in a very long time. Funny how smells and tastes can take you back in time; the only true time machine I know of.

So I blogged in the morning this time and now need to get off the computer to go start the day with Meghi who just woke up.


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