Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cranberry Noels Results

Here's the result of the Cranberry Noels cookies. They taste sooo good! I didn't do shapes just cut circles from the logs I made with the dough last night. If you can make these, do it, they're so easy and sooo good! I'm going to be giving them as gifts.

Here they are all packaged up with some cellophane baggies and some holiday themed tissue paper. I think they turned out pretty!



photography4me said...

They look yummy! Where did you find those cellophane bags? I'm looking for some that I need this week...

What a sweet Christmas present story on LA's blog.

June F. said...

Thanks for the great cookie recipe! My daughters and I tried them the other day after seeing them on your blog and they liked them!

Hey have you been over to ES lately? Joedee sold it!