Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Messenger Bag Cont.

I honestly thought I'd finish this bag today but the day had other plans. I did get a bit more done and hope to have it finished tomorrow. It's not quite turning out how I thought it would but we'll see what it looks like when it's all constructed.

~Finished to round 28~

Round 28 started with a decrease in stitching which thankfully this video tut had a slow motion replay of what exactly that was because I couldn't fathom how to do that. The decrease was only for row 28 in every 4th stitch and then it was single crochet again, around and around until I reached row 37.

~Finished to round 37~

On reaching row 37 I realized the bag doesn't quite resemble the bag in the video tut:



Seems mine is resembling a hat more then a bag?? Of course I may just be rushing myself here to see the finished product. I do have patience issues. :) The bag part is done, though, and now I am working on the handle.

~About 3 inches of a 23 inch handle~

I'm really not sure I like the handle and almost scrapped it to make one of my own but figured I'd stick to the video tut and go all the way to then end and see how it looked complete.

More tomorrow...

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