Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crocheted Messenger Bag Progress

Today I decided to tackle the Messenger Bag video tut from my last post. New thing I learned, the Magic Circle. It's a nifty way to make a circle and she uses it at the beginning of this tut so it was beneficial for me to learn how; luckily for me she has a video tut for this, too, and after viewing it and making my very own magic circle I started working on the bag.

~Finished to Round 6~

The tut really wasn't that difficult to follow to this point. The part I found most difficult for me was understanding the the single crochet increases but once I got that down it was smooth going from there.

~ Finished to Round 9~

Crochet around, increase, crochet around, repeat... My problem - I am a horrible counter and the tut has you counting the stitches. See my mind wanders and then I loose count and then I'm pulling out stitches and it goes on and on...

~Finished to Round 11 and Bottom of bag is finished~

Here is where the fun began for me the counting was over... Yay! Well the counting stitches part now I just needed to count rows.

~Finished to Round 19~

Simple single crochet around and around and around... ahhh bliss!! It's fun to see the sides taking shape! I just had to continue this to round 27 before the next portion of the tut came into play.

~Finished to Round 27~

The sides look awesome right now and I have come to a stopping point. I will work on finishing the rest of this bag tomorrow and photographing it as I go. It's interesting to me at this point how small the bag seems? Maybe it's a mini-messenger bag? Maybe I messed up somewhere? More then likely I messed up somewhere. :)

Well until tomorrow hope everyone's having a fabulous Inauguration Day!

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