Monday, January 19, 2009

New kit today from Kitty Designs

and some Crocheting updates

Kitty teamed up with Lorie Davison from ScrapBookGraphics and created this wonderfully whimsical kit, Blooming Sweethearts. It can be found at both Oscraps and SBG.

Here's my page using it:

I am working on a wonky crocheted lap type blanket at the moment, I believe they're called lapghans. It's wonky because I'm using up a bunch of left over yarn and the colors are a bit... well... wonky :) I will take a photo when I'm done. It's amazing how much I'm learning that I'm doing wrong by watching crocheting tuts and just reading. LOL Ahh well it's a learning process.

I LOVE the idea of a crocheted Messenger Bag and this video tut doesn't look to difficult. I credit this video to teaching me that I was decreasing my stitches entirely wrong. :) I'm going to possibly start this tonight just need to figure out what color yarns I want to use.

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