Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More crocheting and another Digi Scrap kit to share

I worked on some fingerless gloves, wristlets, arm warmers - not sure what to call them - the other day. I used a pattern I found on Lion Brand Yarn site and I had quite the time reading the pattern. I have learned a little bit more so I may attempt it again? I'm not 100% happy with these but they do keep you warm and my husband really loves them (I think that's because my version came out looking manly). For me personally I want them to look like the ones shown in the photo on the site. Of course I would have to follow the directions completely to get them to look like that and well... I didn't with the ones I made... lol

The photo from Lion Brand


Told you I had big hands... lol

One more thing on the crocheting front. I have delved into the crocheting of small critters. I found this tut over on Rown Sock for this crocheted version of this game we like to play called Pass The Piggies. Her version is adorable and so I set out to make one of my very own. Let's say that I had a blast trying to make the piggies! The more time I spend trying to figure out how to read patterns the more I learn, the more time I spend unraveling stitches the more I learn and after 6 attempts to make 1 pig I learned! I have 2 piggies done now and the basket now I just need to run to the store and get some of 5 mm safety eyes and some buttons.

This is the photo of the darlings, their little piggy parts (legs, bums, ears) are tucked inside their bodies until I can get the remaining items and then I'm going to be sewing away. I'll post another photo when it's all done.

I have a new kit to show you today, also. It's from Edeline Marta Designs and it's called Love to Love and it's available @ Shabby Pickle Designs.

My page using it:

The photo I used for this layout is one of my oldest son Logan and his g/f; they look so in love in that photo. He called to tell me that they're going to be moving in together next month. :blinks: How is it they can grow up so fast? I am happy for him, she's a sweet, smart and beautiful woman that compliments him perfectly. It's just that I remember him when he was still toddling around and nursing his teddy while I nursed his sister. :sighs:

Gotta get going now am going to go searching on this internet for some math that involves money for Meghi to help her learn about how the good ole dollar functions.

Till later hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

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