Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tired of Snow...

My dd earlier this afternoon and I worked for 3 hours to uncover one of our cars! Thankfully it hasn't snowed in a few days. I wish it would all go away and yet the news tells me that we should expect another foot by tomorrow afternoon. :blinks:

I really love Hope's face in this photo. It's saying, "Mommyyy make it stop!" Poor baby girl. I suspect most everyone here in Spokane has about the same expression, though.

On a crafty note I'm working on a purse at the moment. I'm crocheting it and somehow it's turning into a tote?? I decided that once I've got it all put together I'm going to line it with an old towel and let Meghi use it when she goes to the Y for her swimsuit and towel.

Will post photos once I've got some! Even if it's a disaster I will post a photo... LOL


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