Monday, February 16, 2009

A belated Valentine's wish...

Hope you all had a fabulous one!

Our Valentine's celebrating was spread out over the entire weekend. It started with going out to a local pub to hear this awesome jazz band play with my brother and his girlfriend on Friday night. Saturday was spent with friends of ours, we cooked the most delicious meal: Honey Mustard chicken, couscous that was flavored with lemon and mint, portobello mushrooms and broccoli with garlic and Parmesan. My taste buds were happily dancing with all the delicious flavors! That night we met up with my other brother and his wife at a classy billiard joint they are fond of hanging out at and had some yummy, scary priced drinks and played a few games of pool.. I am exhausted but happy.

My wonderful husband gave me the best Valentines gift: Dutch Process cocoa! LOL I about died when I saw it and told him he knew the way to this girls heart. I think he's liking that I'm baking.

Update on finger: I was able to take the splint off on Saturday. It's doing a lot better, it can bend! Yay! No surgery required. :whew:

I'm going to try and take a few more photos of some of my crochet projects and get them in here soon to share. Now that my finger is doing much better I need to do some catch up with some layouts that need to be done this week. There are some fantastic digi-kits coming your way. :)

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