Monday, February 23, 2009


Not much to show here, it was a very busy weekend and I was sooo sick! :bleck:

Lately I have just been sitting on the couch crocheting the hexagons for the baby afghan I'm doing. I have 30 done now and have been diligently blocking each and every one. I can't wait to start piecing it together so I can share the photos!

I do really want to share this page I did of my nephew Tyler using a brand new kit from Heaven's Gate Designs called Big Dreams and Pocket Treasures. My brother took that photo with his cell phone, isn't it crazy what cell phones can do these days?

Speaking of cell phones I am due for a new one, the one I have now is a pink razor and I do soo love it still but it's old and it's been dropped one too many times. Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a phone dropper. The razor has been the most incredible phone for me, I can drop it and it still works and keeps on working. Lately, though, my poor razor has been dragging a bit and has little quirks here and there, etc... So the hubby and I went to look at new ones yesterday.

I was a bit shocked that you couldn't really find your basic run of the mill phone, what I mean is - a phone without all the bells, whistles and oohhh so much more. These new fangled phones with their touch screens that slide this way and that so you can access little keyboards are crazy! I just want one that can call someone... lol We looked at a few of these to see which would be the easiest for me to navigate but ended up leaving without one. Sad... :(

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