Friday, February 27, 2009

Crochet Inspiration

Since I picked up the crochet hook and some of the yarn my sister left here when she was living with us in Dec I have been inspired by the many talented crocheters I've come across here in blog land but none has inspired me as much as Lucy of Attic24. Her crocheting is the most incredibly delicious and colorful work I've ever seen and I LOVE it, it's eye candy to me. I find myself visiting her blog daily with the hopes that she will be posting something new, not only is her crocheting divine but her writing about her life is, too. I sometimes feel kind of stalkerish, though, and that's just plain creepy so maybe someday I'll be able to introduce myself to her but until then I will continue to enjoy her blog and her crocheting.

One of my favorite things is her sharing of her patterns and her tutorials are wonderful. I spent days working on those delicious Hexagons just to get them right and now I'm using them to make the baby afghan. I have all the heaxagons done and am now in the process of putting the afghan together. I love the colors that I chose for this but think next time around I will toss up the colors a bit more and not have them so uniform.

I, also taught myself how to crochet the adorable Flowers she has a tutorial for and the Garden Grannies. I've put them together and am making a purse for my daughter.

She inspires me to create with yarn, to explore color that I've previously explored on my paintings in yarn. I'm positive that I'm not telling anyone anything new I just am so happy to have found her!

My son is in this weekend so I will be spending time with him. I hope everyone's weekend is wonderful!


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