Thursday, March 5, 2009

My newest obsession:

Dish cloths and towels. I crocheted a few dish cloths a few months ago and just recently got brave enough to use them and was thrilled they worked so well, they are absorbent, scrubby little cloths of kitchen cleaning goodness! Now I'm making more and I decided to dress them up a bit, sooo much fun!!

Bill and I are in the process of starting a MAJOR DIY project, we're going to be replacing the icky carpet in our main living area and replacing it with this wonderful Mohawk laminate wood flooring we found for almost nothing. When I say almost nothing I'm serious, the flooring is usually $7 sft and we got it for $1.49 sft. I sooo LOVE saving money. We decided, after talking to the sales person that we could probably install this ourselves and save the $2.50 sft to have it installed, my hope is we haven't bit off more then we can chew. When I looked up the instructions for laying the flooring I got a little worried, there's a lot more that goes into it... a lot more then the sales dude told us. Sheesh! Wish us luck... lol

Well we're off to the store to buy a saw and some of the other things needed to get this project started. I need to look at seeds, too, going to plant some and give gardening a try.


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