Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cat bite and Frog Toes

The lesson I learned today, thanks to the nice ER Dr, is this: Do NOT stick your finger inside a cat's mouth. Oddly this is common knowledge for everyone, except for me, that is. We have 2 sick kitties and both are on antibiotics and the first kitty did just fine with me prying his mouth open and shoving his meds in; the second kitty not so well.

The bite occurred yesterday, I saw it coming and the funny thing is my first thought was, NO! not my index finger I crochet with it! Well it was my index finger on my right hand and it hurt. I cleaned it out and put antibiotic cream on it and figured it would heal right up. Nope, this a.m. it was swollen and I couldn't bend it so off to the ER I went.

Another lesson I learned is that cat bites are the second worse bite, human bites rank first and that if the puncture reached my tendon I'm going to have to have surgery. Sheesh!! So I get to wear a splint until the infection is gone in the hopes that if I don't move it the nasty little cat spit germs won't spread. Fun!

On a brighter note I figured out how to do the froggy toes. Yay! I really like how they turned out. Now I need to make its lily pad and I will have a super cute pin cushion.

I hope everyone had a great weekend with no cat bites. :)

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