Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's Craft Project

I have been seeing these cute heart garlands around blog land, I especially liked the one on Bling On My Machine's blog, so today I pulled out some card stock and made a template of a heart on some of my cardboard scrap. Meghi traced the heart shapes onto the papers and we cut them out. I did the majority of the cutting, Meghi has trouble with using scissors and got frustrated fast. After they were done we sat down and sewed them together to create the garland. Meghi chose to hang them up in the kitchen and the above photo is the end result.

My big cooking adventure for the day is going to be making hamburger buns. I'm going to be using a recipe I found over at King Arthur Flour. I'm hoping my kitchen aid can do the majority of the kneading as my finger is still living in a splint.

Update on finger: It's healing! Now to see if it will bend after the infection clears up.


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