Monday, March 16, 2009

An Afternoon on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

Well for a sunny Monday I feel so completely Blah. It could be that my house is in shambles, living room stuff in every corner of the 'rest' of the house well we work on this project and that leaves me with precious little room to do anything else. It's going to be soo worth it when it's done, though. :)

I have to say I have the best husband ever, we had our Date Night on Friday and I came down with the stomach flu right in the middle of the movie we went to see. I had really been wanting to see this movie, Taken, and thankfully I was able to make it through to the end before my stomach completely revolted!

The Scream from Edvard Munch

Saturday was miserable and spent on the couch, no scrapping, crocheting, working on the LRO, no nothing. Sunday came and I was finally able to move a bit to help Bill with some painting with just mild waves of nausea. Bill has been doing the majority of the painting the last 2 days and, also, ripping out the carpeting from the second half of our Living Room; He's my Hero!

Starry Night from Vincent Van Gogh

I haven't taken photos yet of our, well his, progress as I was way to woozy to handle the camera so I decided to post a couple photos of my favorite pieces of art. These pieces can maybe inspire me to come up with some ideas of pretties to create when I feel a bit better.

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