Friday, March 13, 2009

This little plant started off as a one leaf transplant from the plant at the place I used to work. I have no idea what sort of plant it is but I am having a blast watching it grow new leaves. I planted it in the pot that held the chives I was given by a co-worker, the pot held several other types of herbs but the chives were the only ones that survived so I had some extra dirt space to plant this little leaf transplant. I believe I'm going to have to move this little guy soon, though. It makes me happy to see it growing and to see the sun on it, I am so tired of our eternal winter this year and just want spring to get here.

The Living Room Overhaul (I will now dub LRO) stalled the other day when we realized the brown we had chosen was NOT going to work with the green we chose, it was too light and it really looked horrid.

We had to wait several days for the 'expert' paint guy to show back up to work at the store where we purchased the offensive brown paint in hopes that he could 'fix' it. Well he couldn't but was able to give us a new gallon of a wonderful brown that would work and didn't charge us; said he'd count the first gallon as a mistake. Such a nice gentleman.

We have now gone over the doors and trim, again, with the nice dark brown and it's 100% better. :whew: We officially have 1/2 of the living room painted. I am excited to get to work on the second half now! The fun part is figuring out where to store all the 'stuff' we have in this room while we're painting, tearing, and laying flooring. My bedroom now looks like a storage locker.

One last thing, I had to give up on the Hexagon baby blanket I was working on, 30 hexagons are not nearly enough to make this blanket. I believe I need at least 100 more and than it would no longer be a baby blanket but a queen size bed cover... lol So I went another route, I crocheted 4 granny squares using 4 different colors and worked them out to a nice big square and I did this 4 times. I attached them, did a scallop edge and am now in the process of doing a cross stitch through seams. I am happy with this and believe the new mommy will be, too. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Ours will be chalk full of LRO stuffs and I hope we'll have gotten a lot further.


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