Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hybrid Card

I haven't done that many Hybrid Projects, 3 or 4 at most. Once upon a time I decided to try my hand at paper scrap-booking but wasn't thrilled with it, to much clean up for my impatient taste. I love creating, I don't love cleaning up after. :) Any how that's when I found digi-scrapping and my addiction began.

Not to long ago, as all things seem to do eventually, the paper and digi world meshed into Hybrid scrapping. Though, I love seeing all the projects created from transforming digi product to paper it still wasn't my cup of tea so I never really ventured into it. I do like an occasional Hybrid project if the opportunity presents itself and I had just the opportunity today.

My friends daughter was having her Baby Shower today and I had been invited. I made the cute blanket, which I forgot to take a picture of finished! Grrr!! I will see if there's any from the shower and see if I can't get a copy to show. I, also, forgot about wrapping and a card. Yikes, maybe the paint is melting my brain cells slowly?? Well I couldn't do anything about the wrapping but I could about the card so on came the PSE and I went to work creating a card.

The card turned out wonderfully! My friends daughter really liked it and I got a lot of ooo's and ahhh's between those for the card and the blanket I felt pretty good! :)

Hope everyone is having a gorgeous Spring Sunday!

**Card made using Chic Spring collab from cre@-bisontine and Catherine Designs.

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