Thursday, March 19, 2009


My daughter Hope turns 18 in a couple weeks, how to comprehend this I'm not sure, it's happening and I have to deal with it. :)

I decided for her 18th Birthday to surprise her with the quilt I started making for her when she was 8, yep... 8. Can we say procrastination?? I will freely admit I suffer from it. She mentioned this quilt to me a few months ago, something about never finishing it, here I thought she'd forgot all about it, so I decided to pull it out and surprise her with it.

Back to the quilt - as you can see in the photo all the piece work and sewing is done, thankfully, so all I need to do is put it together and then edge it. I would love to say that I'm going to do all that fancy stitching to hold it together but in all honesty I don't have the time, the room or the knowledge to do that so instead I'm going to use bits of yarn randomly placed to hold it all together. Now I need to decide if I should do this before I edge it or if I should do it after? Honestly I believe it'll be a lot easier to edge if I do the yarn bits first, though?

We've gotten quite a bit further on the painting. The living room is almost done, I should be out finishing up the edging but snuck in here to write this... lol

Miley is sooo helpful! She was helping Bill rip up the rest of the carpeting yesterday, of course Bill didn't quite see it this way. :)

Well I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Thursday I really should get back to the task of painting so we can have this all done. Our new target date is the 27th of March.


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