Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2 - Autism Awareness Day

Autism is a disorder that has touched my family personally. My daughter, Meghi, was diagnosed just before her 3rd birthday. This was in 1995 and I didn't have any idea about the world we had just entered; Meghi's world. We didn't realize this at the time but Meghi being diagnosed so early was key to helping Meghi become the high functioning young adult she is today. Early diagnosis and therapies are so important to these children and sadly not all children diagnosed with Autism will receive these services.

One of the Designers I create for is friends with a family who has a young son who was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. This family cannot afford the therapies this young boy needs with his father recently unemployed and the mother working a low paying job and the country they live in not having funding or insurance set up to help children who are differentlyabled. So she and a few other incredible designers came together to create a charity kit, World of Wonder, to help this family. This kit is so chock full of goodies it's amazing and the best part is that the proceeds from this kit will be given directly to this family.

Autism Information and Resources:

Autism Society of America
Autism Speaks


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