Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog-Recipe Sunday #3

I've been on a relentless search for a yummy chocolate cake recipe I could make that wouldn't turn out disastrous and I found it when I found this recipe - The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. - from The Pioneer Woman's blog. I hadn't, to date, been able to make a chocolate cake successfully and am proud to say that this cake turned out perfectly!!

The photo tutorial of how to make this cake on her blog is incredible as are her photos. They put mine to shame. Someday, when I grow up, I want to be able to take photos that look like that. :)

But for today I'm happy playing around with light with my point and shoot while snapping pictures of my cooking creations. In time I'm sure that my photography and my cooking will both become better, especially the more I do both.

It was my husband's Birthday on Friday so I made this cake for him and am happy to say I not only impressed him but, also, my daughter who was shocked I had made it, previous disasters had left her thinking I wouldn't ever be able to make a chocolate cake from scratch.

So thanks to The Pioneer Woman I made a chocolate cake sucessfully and will be making this cake from now on. Definitely try it if you can she's not lying when she says it's the Best Ever Chocolate Cake.


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