Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Isn't this sweet...

My grandiose plans to start a garden were downsized drastically when I realized my back will not handle me prepping, planting and taking care of it. Sad.

I was watching TV a while back and saw this add for an upside down tomato planter, I honestly didn't know what to think about this contraption? I remembered it after I had my gardening realization so went to good ole Google to learn about it. It seems like its a good system and may just work for the bend-over challenged people such as myself that want to try and grow vegetables so I purchased one at a local Bed Bath and Beyond to try out.

Bill and I went yesterday to a local feed and seed to find some tomatoes for the planter contraption. The one I purchased can grow several plants at once out the sides and not just one out the bottom so we came home with 4 varieties: Roma, Peace, Isis Candy and Black Cherry. I just LOVED the names of the tomatoes, hopefully I'll enjoy their taste. lol

My to-do now includes: Find a place to hang the planter contraption, I saw the stand that they have for it but it turns out its dangerous and has hurt so many people that it was recalled. Who would of thought that? lol


**Drawing of planter contraption is linked to HubPages and gives a little overview of the product if you're interested.

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RowanMoonWynd said...

My brother in law grew his cherry tomatoes like this last year and they turned out awesome!