Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

What a gorgeous day today was! So much sun! We barbecued and on the menu was: Pork Shish Kabobs, Lemon Pasta, yummy Mint Juleps and a super easy, super delicious Jello Cake.

The recipe I chose for this week is from The Pioneer Woman in her cooking section called Baked Lemon Pasta. This recipe is sooo worth making, it's not only easy it's divinely delicious! The Kabob marinade I used today was from Food Network, the Citrus-Tarragon for chicken (we used pork loin) and this citrus marinade paired with the lemon pasta was divine!

The drink I made to go with the yummy Kabob's and Lemon Pasta was a Mint Julep. I found the recipe over at Better Homes and Gardens. I couldn't think of a better drink to pair with the citrus from the marinade soaked pork chunks and the pasta.

We finished the dinner off with a super simple dessert, Jello Cake. You just need a cake mix (I used a White Cake mix), a box of jello (I used raspberry) and a tub of cool whip to make this light, delicious treat. Instructions: Bake cake per package directions, when done pull out of oven to cool and mix up jello (I used the quick set directions), get a wooden spoon and poke holes into top of cake and then pour jello mixture over top and into holes. Place in fridge to chill and then frost with the cool whip. This cake is divinely yummy and super easy and sooo light that it fit right in with our meal.

Hope everyone's Memorial Day was a wonderful one. Thank you to those who have and still our serving our country.


*Thanks to my co-workers from my former job for introducing me to the cake recipe. :)

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