Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Craft Project

Here's the result of the Holiday crafty project Meghi did yesterday. I had these fun clear stickers in my stash from way back when I thought I would be a paper scrapper and well that didn't quite work out so they've just been sitting. I took the bottles I'd been saving forever and after washing them had Meghi choose the stickers she wanted to use and applied them to the bottles. I thought we might have to use a sealant but it turns out the stickers were still wonderfully sticky! Yay

To start with we took bottles of craft sand and chose the colors Meghi wanted to use to fill them, got out a funnel and a measuring cup. and then started by measuring out how much to put into the bottles. Meghi decided the 1/2 cup was just the right amount.

I love her face in this photo, it's saying to me, "Mom enough with the photos!" LOL

The process was really fun for Meghi. She was able to measure the sand, pour it into the funnel and see how by alternating the colors it created a fun pattern. Learning without her realizing she was learning. Fun!!

She wants to give these as Holiday gifts and will gift her Grandma and Dad with them. Until then they will rest on one of the book shelves in our living room. I think they turned out fantastic!

I have to order more craft sand. These bigger bottles used up a full container of the red, green and white sand and half of the yellow sand. I think in the future I'll find a smaller container for her to work with. I am, also, going to try to find some different art projects using this sand so she can have more tactile exposure by actually getting her hands in the sand to manipulate it.

We have a pretty busy day ahead of us. It's Dr appointment day. I don't want to go out, though, we're in the single digits here and I really don't like the cold at all... brrrr!

Hope everyone has a great day!


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