Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I wanted to share some awesome news I got the other day. A Designer that I've admired forever sent me a PM over @ DST and asked me to be a part of her Creative Team! I seriously had to pinch myself. LOL I, of course, said yes and the above LO was done using her newest kit - Peppermint Twist.

We're having quite a lot of snow fall here so we've been house bound. Meghi and Bastian played chase each other around the house; Bastian is our yellow Lab/Heeler mix. It was good for both of them, they were both stir crazy! Meghi and I, also, made more cookies today. She wanted to make oatmeal, chocolate chip, pecan cookies for her Dad so that's what we did. They are wonderfully gooey, chocolaty, yummy cookies.

I did give the finger knitting a try with regular yarn and loved the rope that developed. I decided to try and make a scarf so I knitted 3 strands and then braided them together and attached yarn pom poms at the end. The scarf turned out kinda neat. I don't have any pictures of it at the moment but will post one tomorrow. Meghi really loves it, she uses it as a cat toy for her kitten Miley. :blinks:

My next 'idea' is to knit a bunch of these strands in different colors and try to sew them together with yarn and a yarn needle to see if I can't get a bit more width. It's worth a try, eh? LOL If that works then I've got my Holiday gifts for my nieces and nephews, there's 6 of the lil buggers now!

I'm going back to fighting with my PSE. I have an action that works all the way up until I try to Save For Web and then it stalls. It's been irritating me for quite awhile now. I love the action soooo much it sharpens up my images and makes them perfect for posting in the galleries. The Save For Web wouldn't be that big of a deal except most of the galleries I post in require the LO to be 150k or below and unfortunately when I hit Save As sometimes it'll save it under this but mostly over it and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to resize without loosing the quality. :sighs:

So wish me well as I go to do the uninstall/reinstall again and if that fails then I'm just going to bite the bullet and repurchase it. :)


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