Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have been crocheting a lot lately, mostly dish cloths. Crocheting has also helped facilitate my healing with its repetitive flow of hook and yarn. I now have enough dish cloths to last me for quite awhile and I used up the majority of my cotton yarn stash.

I'm not really wanting to spend anymore money on yarn at the moment so I found an old half done afghan that I started in 2006 when my sister first taught me to crochet and took it apart. I now have 4 balls each of the purple and the multi-color.

These re-purposed balls of yarn were worked into the above bag and Meghi is now the proud owner. This is the first bag I've done where I made holes for a tie to go through and I love how it turned out, the bag reminds me of a treasure bag of sorts. It's a fairly good size and opens and closes nicely so that all of Meghi's treasures stay safe inside.


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