Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New route and a Marmot

I took Bill to the river yesterday and shared my 'spot' with him. We decided to walk around the park (Riverside Park) from that access point and I was able to share a wonderful walk with my husband and plot a new walking route for the morning.

The new route was refreshing, I still got to to walk by the cherry blossoms but instead of going out of my way to get to one of the walking bridges over the river I had 3 that I had to cross to get to the street that leads me back to my home. I enjoy this much more!

Today was overcast, cool and windy. I almost didn't bring my camera but at the last minute grabbed it and am glad I did. I am becoming more serious about learning to use it recently. It's a Canon S3IS Point and Shoot and I like how it takes photos, especially with someone like me who just wants to go out and use it and not take the time to learn 'how' to use it. :)

The best part of the walk today was the marmot who was on the edge of a little cliff just above the river, he was very aware of me being there and was actually posing for me. I love when small critters do this. I had the biggest grin on my face as I walked away from our session.

The final photo I took today was of this old painting/ad on the side of one of the brick buildings near my home. Spokane is full of these and I have decided the more walking I do, the more venturing away from my home I'm successful with, I will take photos of all of these. I am so drawn to them.


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